Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The End of an Adventure (And the Beginning of Another?)

Last month I wrote about my husband being gone for two months and my initial glamourisation of the "adventure".  Then reality set in (as reality is wont to do...) and all glamourisation flew out the window. Here's what actually happened while he was gone:
  • The roof leaked in three places
  • Our son had a birthday
  • The car broke down
  • I had a birthday
  • My daughter was in a school play
  • The towel rack mysteriously fell off the wall multiple times (usually in the middle of the night, which gave me quite a fright!)
  • The internet connection disappeared for a week
  • My daughter attended her Grade 7 valediction and earned several awards (equivalent to a Junior High graduation in the United States)
  • I burned my hand rather badly and was one-handed for two weeks
As you can see my husband missed a lot of momentous events!  I was so overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of every day that in some ways the two months flew by in a blur of busyness.  My husband came home last week to a tired, drained and empty wife (who was also very happy to have her man home!)
 A few days after his arrival, I humbly asked if I could have a day to get away by myself to rest and recharge.  He sent me to a day spa.

I'm not a day spa kind of girl, so I thought I'd keep a journal in which I observed and analysed the day, kind of like an undercover reporter.  The next several posts will cover this day (which was surprising in every way).  More to come...

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