Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Journal of the Spa, Part 3

09h45 - Sylvia massages my body, but I do not sense Sylvia’s hands; instead I am taken back to my mother’s womb where God is busy knitting me together. Sylvia rubs my back but I see God fashioning my spinal column, connecting each vertebra and disc. Sylvia massages my legs but I feel only the hands of God creating my femur, tibia, fibula and all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments – down to the tarsals and metatarsals of my feet. 

 I tell God of my desire for these feet:  May they stay on the path He has chosen for me. May they carry His love and hope.

Sylvia places hot stones on my skin and I feel God breathe life into me. The blood and marrow course through my body and the warmth indicates that I am alive. The spinal fluid flows through the ventricles in my brain and I am aware of the Divine creation that I am. God’s fingerprints are all over me.  I am at rest, floating in this amniotic fluid of creation mixed with the tears of God. It is a holy moment, a moment pregnant with anticipation and hope: hope of potential, intention and purpose.

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