Thursday, December 29, 2011

Journal of the Spa, Part 11

Dinner, 18h30 - I have ingested more kilojoules in this one day than I have in the past several days combined. I hate that – I feel guilty and fat – though I choose not to listen to that voice today. Today is a gift in which the voice of “not measuring up” has no place. (In truth every day should be like this but that is a battle I still must fight.)

So... what is today all about, then, for I know that tomorrow I shall go back to my "regular" life. Tomorrow I shall be back with the burdens, challenges and busyness of life, and I shall expect them to be there like family members. If today was a gift, then what must I glean from it to take into tomorrow? Because the truth is, I want tomorrow to be different.

I do the only thing I know to do:  pray and listen.
Papa? I have spent a lovely day with You – a day that engaged all my senses, tilled the soil of my soul, stirred the sediment of exultation, suspended me in Grace and Joy, brought a fresh perspective of creation (both mine and the world’s) and connected me once again to You and to the beauty of the earth around me.

You know that my desire is to love You more deeply, know You more fully, and serve You wholeheartedly. You know my strengths and weaknesses, You know me better than I know myself, and so I ask You – what is the lesson You would teach me? Or am I again getting ahead of You, looking too far into the future rather than basking in the present moment?
I sit with the questions and listen.  Outside the birds are singing their lullabies, the insects are just waking up, and I imagine it is God's favourite soundtrack as He calls the stars by name...

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