Friday, December 30, 2011

Journal of the Spa, Part 12

“Anna (for that is what God calls me), do you see the path outside the window?”

 “Yes, Papa.  It looks venturesome and inviting and bends teasingly around the corner to where I cannot see.”

 “Would you step onto this path and follow it, not knowing where it leads?”

 “Yes. I believe I would, for the path looks safe and as I said, it bends playfully out of sight, almost beckoning me to chase it in a game of touchers.”
 “If you can trust a forest path, which is but man-made, can you not trust Me, even though you cannot see where I am leading you?”

“Yes, Papa. I want to... but I am also following the lead of other voices, and I do not know how to stop.”

“Would you allow Me to accompany you on that path?”

“Oh, no! You don’t want to walk on that path! It is dark and dirty and rather hopeless!”

“Anna, I am over all the paths of the earth.  How do you expect to move from that path to My path except that I show you the way? Yet I will not merely show you – I will walk with you and guide you by the hand because I love you. Wandel met My, Anna Grace. Let My light direct you.”

I am tired, I have no arguments left and so I hop into God’s strong arms. He carries me back to my room, where I sink into His love. He does not leave, but holds me tight against His chest where I can hear His heartbeat. It is beautiful, and in His beating heart I can hear a Love song.

Outside it is dark and the insects sing in response to this Love song. I fall asleep to their lullaby.

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Elisabeth said...

Dang, Crush. Just, dang. This leaves me speechless.