Thursday, December 22, 2011

Journal of the Spa, Part 4

Tea Time, 11h00 - I look out the window into the woods. The trees sway in the breeze and create a mesmerising dance between sunlight and shadow on the forest floor. I am caught in its spell until something shimmery catches my eye. It is a spiderweb glistening in the sunlight and gently blowing in the wind. The artistry stirs the sediment of exultation that lies on the bottom of my soul and I suddenly want to dance.  I am carried in a suspension of joy that touches everything from the gossamer silk of a spider’s web to the wounded and bleeding heart of a human made in the very image of God.

I sing the song of being alive as my eyes are opened to the beauty around me. We are connected, all of us – from the least to the mightiest. I am keenly aware of this fact, and I tread with reverence.

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