Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Journal of the Spa, Part 2

09h15 - The woman who attends to me is named Sylvia.  Fitting, as her name means “of the woodlands” and we are in a beautiful forest setting.  The trees are thin but they are many and when the wind blows they click against each other in a percussive touch; they are the rhythm section of nature.

Sylvia exfoliates my skin. It is rough and painful. Parting with things I no longer need is painful. I tend to hold onto them with a stubborn persistence despite the fact that they are dead and no longer nourishing. I feel raw and exposed, like freshly-tilled soil, and yet, this is good. I am ready for new seeds – life-giving, sustaining and nourishing elements that can only be planted when the dead brush is cleared away.

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